The Erebus Pedicure Chair from Corona is a very top choice for any nail bar, salon, or spa where we want to provide our clients with an extremely luxurious spa experience. Each Erebus Foot Therapy chair is built from durable and easy-to-clean materials, ensuring a durable and sanitary product that incorporates all of Corona’s advanced smart features, including 7 color LED light, pipe jets, acetone resistant leather, Aurora bowls, and more comfort features.Erebus Pedicure Chairs are carefully crafted and designed to make your salon look modern, elegant, and timeless.  The Erebus Pedicure Chair from Corona Inc. is designed to help your salon shop attract more customers and increase revenue for your business, thanks to its high-end features and attractive design. Upgrade your salon and nail bar pedicure services with Erebus Pedicure chairs and take your business to the next level.


Dimensions(cm) 1500*850*950mm
Package 1500*850*950mm
Weight N.W.: 90 kgs
Color Various color avilable
Materials PU,metal,wood,high destination foam
Features leather: top acetone resistant leather pipeless jet systeml(surfing) 7 color LED light Specific Use: Nail Salon Pedicure Foot Spa Massage: kneading,knocking or human touch with 6 different massage(optional); magnet jet(optional);discharge pump(optional);hot or cold water by remote control ; chair move forward and backward; back raise or down;
Guarantee 1 year
Price customization
Lead time 3-5days or 15-25day
Lading Port China or USA
Payment Terms 100% or 30% deposit, 70% before shipment
MOQ 1pcs